I Am Just So Done!!

Yes, it has been at least 2 weeks from my last blog. There has been so many things playing into my life and I am just getting more and more excited for all my changes.

Lately I have been on this energetic empower mode. Just waking up everyday and thinking my life has to be more than this. There has to be something MORE I can do with my life.

Yes, I LOVE my career and my family life. What if there is more to life than just being happy with what you are doing? I want to shine, not only in my life but in other lives too. I want to wake up everyday and change someone’s life not just their hair.

I believe that is why I started this blog to begin with. I know that I have so much to give and I am starting the journey to find out what it is and how to do it.

I see all these powerful women who inspire people everyday. No, I am not talking about celebrities. I am talking about true women everyday in my community or even nationally that I follow on social media who don’t have millions of followers.

Can you imagine waking up in the morning with such confidence that it is going to be a GREAT day no matter what’s coming your way??

I am exhausted waking up each day and feeling that I am never good enough. Not in the sense of my self-worth but that I allow other people in my life to tell me how to be me. They give subtle hints to me that I would be happier if I changed to how THEY think I should because it worked for THEM.

I am done allowing everyone to tell me how to live MY life. I wake up everyday and I think “Oh my gosh, I would love to do that.”  When I talk about it with anyone and they look at me crazy and ask, “Why?” Makes you question what you want and you feel dumb for even thinking for a second it was awesome because of someone else’s opinion.

Aren’t you tired of that??

I am ready to radiate confidence and allow myself to make my own decisions that I know in my heart that will make me happy and be able to conquer all that I want. I can reach any goal that I want and be who I want. Not what I am told to be.


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